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Our Values

At Mission Organic Cafe & Coffee, we believe serving nutrient dense and clean organic food each day makes our community healthier and happier. We value each and every customer, our neighbors, fellow business owners, local farmers, vendors, and our entire community.


One Team, One Vision

We believe that hiring, training, and investing in our team supports our mission to provide healthy and sustainable food to our customers. By educating our team here at Mission Organic Cafe & Coffee we will not only serve you the most delicious, nutrient dense foods and drinks; our team is educated around the benefits of a most plant, whole organic foods diet.


We strive everyday to provide our customers with the highest quality ingredients. That's why we support and use local, sustainable farming in the area. We will always go the extra step to ensure the ingredients we use are providing the most nutritional value.

Educating Our Community

We are here to enrich lives and we believe we can have an impact through food, positive energy, and through our commitment to our community. Our goal is to help educate and bring awareness to the important role food plays on our life, and how we can eat to thrive, not just to survive. 

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